Enigma Vault is your PCI Level 1 compliant and ISO 27001 certified payment card, data, and file easy button for tokenization and encryption.

Simplify Data Security

Encrypting and tokenizing data at the field level is a daunting task. Enigma Vault takes care of all of the heavy lifting for you.

Reduce Your PCI Scope

Turn your lengthy and costly PCI audit into a simple SAQ. By storing tokens instead of sensitive card data, you greatly mitigate your security risk and PCI scope.

Performant Searching

Using modern methods and technologies, searching millions of encrypted values takes just milliseconds.

SaaS Based

Fully managed by us, we built a solution to scale with you and your needs.

What is Enigma Vault?

PCI compliant, cloud based, secure, and developer friendly encryption and tokenization services

Enigma Vault encrypts and tokenizes data of all shapes and sizes. Enigma Vault offers true field level protection; instead of storing sensitive data, you store a token. Enigma Vault provides the following services:

  • Card Vault: store, tokenize, and process card data without touching it.
  • Data Vault: encrypts and tokenizes data. Encrypted data can be easily searched and retrieved.
  • File Vault: encrypts and stores files from kilobytes to gigabytes in size.

Enigma Vault takes the mess out of crypto and PCI compliance. You no longer have to manage and rotate private keys nor deal with complex cryptography. Sensitive data is provided to Enigma Vault, encrypted, and then a token is returned. The token can then be stored safely in your app.

Have a preferred payment provider? We integrate with all of the major providers including First Data, Chase Paymentech, Elavon, Wells Fargo, Stripe, Clover, WorldPay, and many more!

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Our suite of tokenization and encryption services are purpose built to simplify your data security and PCI compliance requirements, reduce your company's risk, and to deliver highly performant indexing and searching.

Card Vault

Your customers enter their card data and you get a token. You can then use the token like a saved credit card through our proxy services. Card Vault can also be your secure checkout too.

Data Vault

Your app provides us the sensitive data, and we return a token. When you need access to the sensitive data, simply provide the token to the vault. Searching encrypted data is smokin' fast.

File Vault

From bytes to gigabytes, the file vault securely stores and encrypts all file types. Whenever you're ready to retrieve the encrypted file, simply provide the tokenized filename.

Ready to protect your data?

We get it. You don't want to end up in the headlines nor do you want your customer's sensitive data being traded on the dark web. You're also ready to simplify your PCI compliance needs. Reach out to us today to see how we can help.

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Enigma Vault's tokenization and encryption services can be utilized in any solution spanning any industry. Below are just a handful of industry examples where Enigma Vault can secure new and existing solutions.

Card Vault Demo

Below is just one example of how our Card Vault solution can be integrated. This is a working demo so feel free to kick the tires. Want a test card number? Use 4111111111111111 with any expiration and cvv. We have the demo configured to return a format preserved, Luhn passable token, but you can choose to have it return a UUID based token. Developers, we have integration example code out on GitHub. For our complete documentation, please check out docs.enigmavault.io.


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